How to use

If you, as an ambassador of an institution, are interested in AWICO, please proceed as follows:

  1. Apply to the AWICO agency (Contact) for supervisor access for your institution.
  2. Set up an individual username for each person who wants to complete the test. You will then receive an automatically generated password for each participant.
  3. Give each participant their username and password, explain to him/her what the test is about and what benefits the system has for the individual. Then let the participants answer the test alone on the computer. It takes up to an hour.
  4. As soon as the test is finished, each participant receives an automatically generated short report on his/her test result. You as supervisor receive a comprehensive version of the individual results and are asked to discuss these with the participants.
  5. After the end of the test a written certificate is generated, which proves the individual results. This certificate can be attached to job applications as proof of key skills.
  6. The test can only be completed once per person. As well as proving key skills, it should also serve to identify possible areas for development and a targeted way in which to work on them.

You can find information on technical questions in the Manual (pdf).

Livelong learning programme
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