What is AWICO?

AWICO is a computer-based test to assess key skills in four areas: personal skills, communication, teamwork, problem-solving and conflict resolution. The test has been developed scientifically and tested practically by a project group from 5 countries.

Who is AWICO aimed at?

The test was specially developed for people who either have no recognised education, or have completed basic vocational training but have not done any further training for a long time. What both groups have in common is that they are in a difficult situation in the working world, because the requirements of the job market are constantly increasing. As a result these people have an elevated risk of becoming unemployed or being forced to live in precarious circumstances.

This is where AWICO steps in: There are people without recognised training qualifications who have very good key skills. When they succeed in recording and proving these skills, the chances of the individuals gaining a foothold in the job market (again) increase. This is because key skills are in demand in the working world. Every employer knows how much good teamwork and efficient problem-solving are worth.

How does AWICO work?

The test is internet-based. All you need is a computer with internet access and a password. However the test is not freely accessible online. It can only be carried out through authorised institutions and in conjunction with mentoring. You can find a list of the institutions along with more specific information under Advice.

Livelong learning programme
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