AWICO - Key Skills for the working world

Welcome to AWICO. Key skills such as communication, teamwork or problem-solving are some of the most important requirements to be able to remain in the working world. They are in demand everywhere, in every profession, every field, on all hierarchical levels.

So, how do you assess whether someone has good key skills? Can you measure that? Yes, you can, and indeed without costly assessment. You will learn how that is possible on this website.


The AWICO test is available: free until the end of March 2012! 

The test instrument is available to all organisations which work with the target group. Register your organisation and try out the test for free and without obligation until the end of March 2012. You can find information on getting started here.

Presentation of the AWICO tests

On June 29th 2011 the test was presented in the context of an international conference in Vaduz for the first time. (

The most important information in brief: the AWICO brochure

The brochure contains a summary of the most important information about the test. You can download it here as a pdf file.

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